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Message from MBC Board

The MBC Board has been busy getting ready for the new season.  Hard to believe in mid-summer that tryouts are right around the corner.  We wanted to send out this message to update you on the board and the changes coming up for the 2017-2018 season.

The board currently has 8 members: 

  • Brian Kaplan, Pres
  • Joe Krachey, VP and 3v3 Commissioner
  • April Byl, Secretary
  • Jason Kadow, Treasurer
  • Brad Crump, Boys Commissioner
  • Michelle Belgiano, Girls Commissioner
  • Becca Mauer, Scheduler
  • Leigh Tsipis, Registrar

We have one opening if anyone is interested.  That spot would cover the 3v3 commissioner role for next year.  Please email me if you are interested.

The MBC Board continues to strive to achieve our core values

1) The kids have fun playing basketball 

2) The kids improve during the season

3) The kids want to sign up again the following year to play.  Last year presented some challenges for us to make #3 come true for the kids. 

We struggled in some ages to get correct competition for the kids.  We made a couple of changes to help make this a better experience for the kids:

  1. Team formation – this will be tweaked slightly.  The number of kids that sign up and their ability measured at the tryouts will ultimately determine the number of teams at each grade.  We feel we formed too many teams last year and then struggled to get them appropriate competition for their level of play.  We may need to reduce the number of teams we form and refer the kids who are not offered spots on those teams to other programs that will make for a better experience for those kids. 

For 3rd and 4th grade we will create our pool of kids through the tryouts that we feel will be a fit for our league play.  We will then form close to even teams from that pool.  We will take into account kids that are from the same school or request to be placed with a friend on a team.

For 5th through 8th grade we will create our pool of players at the tryouts and then form teams based on ability.  IE -the top 10 will be on the top team, 11-20 on the 2nd, etc.

  1. The second change will be the league play.  Last year the girls program played in the Badger Development League (BDL).  This year we will be placing the girls and boys into BDL for league play.  We have met with both BDL and Tri County representatives and discussed in great detail the pros and cons for each program.  The board feels as it stands for this coming up year the best experience for our players will be playing in the BDL league.  There are changes that come with the shift to the BDL league from last year.  The games are based on 6 dates of 3 games on a weekend day which be scheduled in October.  (Tri County has switched to this format also.)   FYI - the travel for BDL will be further for 3 of the 6 dates then in the past.  The games are all within one hour of Middleton.   Lastly, there is an entrance fee of $3 for spectators at all BDL events.

Please check our website for more information and we will be in touch shortly when registration will be open.

Thank you,
Brian Kaplan
MBC President