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3v3 Summer League

About the 3V3 Summer League

2017 Registration is now CLOSED.

League Overview

3v3 is a fast-paced exciting game that teaches the patterns of movement in basketball while encouraging creativity and cooperative team play.

Teams can sign up to play on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights.  If there are not enough teams registered on that night for a specific grade, registered teams will be contacted about playing on the alternate night.  If playing on an alternate night is not possible, your registration fees refunded.  Beyond this, we are not able to honor "special requests" for scheduling.

Forfeits will not be tolerated. If your team forfeits, Middleton Basketball Club reserves the right to fill the rest of your scheduled games. Please make sure you have enough players on your team to avoid these circumstances.


Option 1: Team Registration

Team registration normally involves a group of school friends or players who have played together in the past.  Registering as a team allows parents and players to decide who they play with and guarantees that they will be included in the league.  A team can have as many as 10 players on their roster, but only 6 players are allowed to suit up on a given night.

Option 2: Individual Registration

Players who do not have a team can register as individuals seeking a team.   If there are enough “free agents” for a specific grade, the MBC will send an email to those parents that includes the contact information for all of the individual players who signed up for that grade.  The MBC does not assign players to teams or create teams for individuals.  It is the responsibility of the parents/players to form a team, determine which night to play, and decide which parent will coach the team.  Any parents/players who agree to form a team will then use the Team Registration to sign up for league play and pay the registration fees.

At the end of the registration process, the contact information for any individuals who have not joined a team will be sent to the coaches of the registered teams.  Any team(s) wishing to add additional players can then contact the players/parents directly.  Just be aware, it is not guaranteed that a player will be asked to join an existing team.   

The MBC does not collect fees when individuals register because we cannot guarantee that every player will be placed on a team.  If your child does end up joining an existing team, it is the responsibility of the parents to determine how to distribute the fees that were already collected as part of the team registration.


Each player is required to complete the waiver below and turn in a copy when they attend their first game.


Your team will require jerseys of the same color and with numbers. If you would like to order jerseys for your team, please use the jersey order form listed below.  Please list a primary and alternate color in your form.  The alternate color is used in the situation where two teams in the same league request the same color.

League Rules

  • Maximum of 10 players on Roster. No more than 6 may play per game unless the opposing coach agrees to allow more than six.
  • Games are played on a half court.
  • 2-minute warm up.
  • 2 games per night. Each game consists of two 10-minute halves. Running clock.
  • 3 minutes half time.
  • No time outs.
  • Technical fouls are automatic 2 points and possession of the ball.
  • On shooting fouls, points are awarded as if the shot was made (2 or 3 points). One additional point is awarded if the shot attempt is successful. Possession changes after the foul.
  • On or after the 5th team foul OF THE GAME, each common foul shall result in 1 point and possession for the fouled team.
  • Stalling is not allowed. A warning will be issued and a 10-second "shot clock" count will be administered by the referee. Failure to shoot within ten seconds will result in a turnover. Starting with the second stalling violation, the penalty will be a turnover plus 2 points for the offended team.
  • ZERO TOLERANCE: ARGUING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED Violators will be asked to leave and/or removed from league.
  • Seat Belt Rule: Coaches must remain seated during games.
  • Teams must begin with at least 2 players and may play with 1 player.
  • Ball must be checked in a sportsmanship manner at the top of the key after each dead ball (No out of bounds plays).
  • After a made basket, both feet of a player possessing the ball must move beyond the 3-point arc, but it does not need to be checked. Checking here is a turnover.
  • Substitutions may only be made during a dead ball (a made shot is not a dead ball).
  • Scoring is the same as a regular game.
  • Pressing is allowed for 6th - 9th grade leagues, but the ball must still be taken past the 3-point line before shooting. For 4th and 5th grade, defense may played anywhere once the ball is taken back past the 3-point line. Intentionally stalling by not taking the ball back will result in a technical foul.
  • One referee.
  • First possession determined by home team on schedule.
  • Teams must wear the same colored jersey WITH NUMBERS (*** See optional jersey ordering  form below ***)
  • Each team must have a coach.
  • Teams must provide a parent volunteer to assist with scoring.
  • If not a Middleton Basketball Club athlete, a Liability Waiver form must be signed and turned in before that athlete may participate
  • No refunds after schedules are sent unless a substitute team is found.
  • A & B leagues for all age groups when enrollment allows. Some grade levels may be combined if needed to create competitive balance.


We also welcome new referees. To apply, please use the referee application form listed below.

Our Referee Crew

Our Referee Crew

Quick Info

Cost per team: $200
Registration Date:  Is Closed
2017-2018 Grades: 4th - 9th
Tuesday Nights:  May 23 - July 11
Wednesday Nights: May 24 - July 12
Times: 6:00 - 10:00 pm
Location: Middleton High School,
Kromrey Middle School,
Glacier Creek Middle School

Games: 2 - 20 Min. games each night

Note:  There will be NO games held on July 4th or July 5th.


Note: Schedules were updated on 6/5.  Please verify your game times and locations!

Tuesday Boys


Favre (Updated 6/4)

Majkowski (Updated 6/4)

Dickey (Updated 6/4)

Whitehurst (Updated 6/4)

Hunter (Updated 6/4)

Starr (Updated 6/4)


Tuesday Girls

Helium (Updated 6/4)

Neon (Updated 6/4)

Argon (Updated 6/4)



Wednesday Boys

Jackson (Updated 6/4)

Monroe (Updated 6/4)


Jefferson (Updated 6/4)

Adams (Updated 6/4)

Washington (Updated 6/4)


Wednesday Girls

Belle (Updated 6/4)

Moana (Updated 6/4)

Dory (Updated 6/4)

Anna (Updated 6/4)